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DOUBLE Restaurant Reward Points!

DOUBLE Restaurant Reward Points!

Relieve Your Guilt!

Are you guilty of eating out, well, often? If you’re looking for an excuse, CUA’s Visa Reward points are as good of reason as any, and better than most.  

Eat Out!

You will earn DOUBLE Reward points on your first $2,500 spent July – September when you use your CUA Visa credit card on eligible food purchases. You can use your card at dine-in and fast food restaurants, as well as dinner at your local sports bar!

Now as you’re licking your chops and wondering “Where should we go tonight?” And, “What should I get with my extra Reward points?”

Get something practical?

Here are some ideas: fans and window air conditioners, housewares, music, movies, games, books, jewelry, luggage, apparel, watches, pet supplies, air fare, car rentals, but now the list gets more interesting…

How about an adventure?

How about using your points for an experience? You can experience what it’s like to fly a fighter pilot’s jet (not a simulator), ride in a hot air balloon, go on a sea cave kayak tour, learn how to fly a helicopter, zip line, glow paddle board at night, go to a 3 day formula racing school, or even race a Lamborghini! That’s right. These rewards are all available in exchange for points right now. Of course, you can always go back to being practical and use your points for a new vacuum sweeper, a blender, or a car seat cover for the dog. Splurge or be practical. But it’s your choice! You can even visit with a VISA travel specialist to book travel arrangements. Plus, if you have CUA’s Signature card, you can redeem points for cash!

Choose to use

To get started, choose and use your Credit Union of America VISA credit card every time you dine. Why not just use it every time you pay for anything? You’ll still earn points. And, each calendar quarter we’ll have a new special on Reward points.  

Register than Shop!

Are you ready to shop with your Credit Union of America Reward points? Go online to your CUA Visa account, click on the CURewards button. Register your card. Once registered, the CU Rewards button will take you to a page that summarizes your point activity. Click on the 2nd CURewards button right above the summary. You’re now going to the Official CURewards site. Click on the REDEEM button in the top left corner and start shop, shop, shopping! 

P.S. Be sure to check out the information online regarding the Credit Union Magic Minute, too. CUA had 1 of 7 nationwide winners just 2 years ago. You might be next to win a trip for two to Chicago and a minute to grab gifts in the PSCU merchandise warehouse! If you want to win, you have to register and use your CUA card!


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