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Credit Card Holders:  Now’s the Time!

Credit Card Holders: Now’s the Time!

If you own a credit card with a balance from an institution other than Credit Union of America, now is the time to grab CUA’s balance transfer offer available September 1 – October 31, 2019.

CUA is offering a crazy low rate. Plain and simple.

  • 1.90% Annual Percentage Rate on any balances you transfer to your existing or new CUA Visa credit card.  That rate applies to the dollars transferred for a full year, 12 whole months!
  • There is a small transfer fee of just 1% of the balance transferred, or minimum of $10. 

Existing CUA card holders click here to transfer!

Need a CUA card?  Apply here. Once you get your card you can transfer to it! 

Consolidate, Simplify, and Save.

Top 10 Reasons to Move Balances. 

  1. You can pay off your balance earlier, as more of your monthly payments will be going to the principal and not racking up large monthly interest charges.
  2. Your monthly interest will be less. A simple-interest example is: a $7,000 balance held constant @ 18% for 12 months means $3,024 in interest, $7,000 @ 1.9% for 12 months is $133 in interest for 12 months. That’s a difference of $2,891.00! Now you’re not going to leave your balance at $7,000 for a full 12 months, but you see how crazy low this rate is! You’ll still have a significant savings.
  3. Want to see a real-life example with your own balance at CUA’s regular intro rate of 5.90% APR? Try out this transfer calculator
  4. Moving a balance and destroying the high rate card means only one statement to reconcile, only one payment to make, life is just easier! And with one low rate card, you’ll be out of debt sooner and using a smarter (lower interest) card in the future.  
  5. Your CUA monthly payments are applied to the balances with the highest rate, that’s the best savings for you. 
  6. When your rate goes back to the normal rate, rest assured, CUA has some of the lowest rates around!
  7. CUA VISA cards offer embedded chip security, mobile alerts, and more!
  8. If you’re applying for a new card, CUA offers two. At no additional cost to you, the Give-Back card gives back to a variety of educational programs, from k-college, including a program that helps para educators become full fledged teachers!  Or, you can check out our Cash-Back card where you earn points that you can redeem for cash or merchandise!  
  9. You can quickly make your monthly payments online through online banking or the mobile app!
  10. PLUS, no annual fees on CUA credit cards!!!

Get ready. Let’s go shopping, traveling, to school, painting class, or you name it! Whatever you do, transfer balances to your CUA card, it’s smart money management and will save you money!


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