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What can We do for Educators?

What can We do for Educators?

What can We do for Educators?

Since CUA was created by a group of teachers in 1935, we routinely ask “what ELSE can we do for educators?” We all know that school budgets are tight. Teachers and others employed in the field of education often don’t get paid what we’d truly like for all the efforts they offer in teaching today’s children, insuring their safety, and dealing with behaviors that used to be corrected at home. A well-rounded education takes not only the efforts of teachers, but the support staff and administrators. If CUA can make life a little easier, we’re going to do it. We have quite a few ongoing offers for educators you can find here. And this time, we’re stepping up with cash! No, not a loan, not a grant, but cash.

What is CUA’s part in helping our friends in education? We have a new offer that is specifically for those that work in the field of education at Unified School Districts (USD), colleges, or universities in the cities and towns where CUA has offices. This includes the Wichita-metro area, like Derby, Andover, Goddard, Maize, etc. and our office areas of Great Bend, Hutchinson, Pratt, and Salina. If you, your spouse, or a friend work for such an institution, there’s an offer at Credit Union of America that may be worth $200 cash in your pocket.

What is your part? Open a new checking account at CUA if you don’t have one and make sure it’s has a direct-deposit coming in. If you have an existing checking account, unfortunately, the offer won’t be valid. But you’re sure to be a VIP if you tell your friends and family members that work in education about it! They might even take you out to dinner or split it with you (with a small hint 😉).

It’s pretty simple

  • Work in the field of education at a Unified School District or college/university that CUA serves.
  • Open your main checking account at CUA – limit one per membership/member, must be a new checking, and you must be a member in good standing or eligible for membership. There are several accounts to choose from, often with no fees.
  • Set-up a direct deposit to the account. CUA can help.
  • After it’s open, email Homeroom@CUofAmerica.com confirming that you opened the account so they can prepare your cash. CUA will remind you of this when you open.
  • 30 days after your first direct deposit comes in, CUA will deposit $200 into your membership share account!

You can even open your account at www.CUofAmerica.com/Open-and-Apply. It’s the easiest $200 you’ll ever make. But hurry, it’s a limited time offer that you shouldn’t miss!

Now, what are you going to do for education?  Treat yourself if you’re an educator and tell your friends!


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