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P2P is Free!

P2P is Free!

P2P (Person-to-Person) payments are an easy and member-friendly way to make payments to friends, family and more! This is a great way to pay the babysitter, the person who mows your lawn, or the friend that covered for you when you forgot to bring money for your lunch date.

There’s a simple form to fill out through the Person-to-Person icon within online and mobile banking (check the left side bar, and if necessary click on the “More” button at the bottom to roll out additional options.) Please note that within online banking, depending on your browser, you may have to approve a window being opened in a new page.

All you need for the recipient of your payment is their phone number or email address – no account information is necessary! The form will also ask for a transfer amount and your debit card information. We also encourage you to use the memo field to tell your recipient what you are sending the money for – so they know it’s really from you!

P2P screenshot

If you plan on sending a payment of over $500 to someone, you will need to raise your daily ATM limit using the CardLoc feature in online/mobile banking.

Money can be transferred same day if the recipient accepts payment with their debit card. If their financial institution doesn’t allow for P2P or they don’t have a debit card, the money can still be accepted if they input their routing and account number, but it may take up to three days to complete the transfer of funds.

Terms and Conditions of P2P can be found at any time on CUA’s website. 


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