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Getting Bumped is a Good Thing!

Getting Bumped is a Good Thing!

The market’s changing and that’s good news for your investments! We’re offering a
limited time certificate of deposit that allows you to bump your rate as many as two
times during the term when interest rates rise.

With the Double Bump Certificate you’ll earn at least 2.50% APY* on a 50 month
certificate with a minimum deposit of $5,000 and a maximum of $250,000. If rates rise,
just tell us to bump your rate and you’ll begin earning the increased APY on your funds.
What are you waiting for? Start making the most of your money and ask for the Double
Bump Certificate! Stop by or call me today to learn more about this special offer.

* APY = Annual Percentage Yields listed are subject to change without notice. Minimum deposits may be required. Penalties may apply for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings. Membership required. Funds in excess of $250,000 may be discounted and/or require special approval. Rates Stated as of 6/08/2018. Rates Subject To Change Daily.


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