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FAQs About Credit Union of America's New Website

FAQs About Credit Union of America's New Website

We are officially live with our new website, and we know this will be a transition for our members that are used to the old look. We encourage you to look around, use the "What are you looking for?" button or the search button at the top of the page to help you find what you need. If you're still struggling these FAQs are for you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Why was the site changed?
A. One of the biggest reasons we made a change was so we could move to a website that provided a similar experience across all device types. The old site was not always easy to navigate on smaller screens such as phones and tablets. We also wanted to focus on things visitors search for most on our site and make it easy to engage with us.

Q. Is online banking changing again?
A. Nope! Online banking will not be affected by this update, so you can still expect to see your dashboard, icons and links in the same places you’re familiar with once you’re logged in to online banking or the mobile app. We’ve even given online banking login a more prominent spot on our new homepage.

Q. Why are things on the site in different locations on my tablet than my PC or phone?
A. Our new site is “responsive”, so the way text, images and buttons are arranged on the screen is determined by your screen size and how best to fit the information on your screen. Rest assured that even if the site looks different on your phone than it does on your computer, all the same information is available to you no matter what device you’re using.

Q. What is the orange notification for on the home page?
A. We want to make sure that there is a clear place for members to find operational alerts for CUA, whether it has to do with website maintenance or if one of our ATMs is unavailable. If you see the orange banner on our site, stop and read it – it’s our way of giving you a heads-up about something you might need to know.

Q. Why do I receive a pop-up warning me that I’m leaving CUofAmerica.com when I click certain links?
A. We want to make sure that you know you’re leaving our site, and to take precautions when sharing any kind of personal information. We do not provide links we believe to be unsafe, but we do want to make it clear that you are going to a page that CUA does not have control over. If you are redirected and you don’t receive this warning, this most likely means that CUA has contracted with a third party to provided services and you are in a safe zone, another example might be a site that does not ask for any member information.

Q. What are the icons on the home page for?
A. The icons on the home page will drop you down to a banner for that particular product line. This allows you to see our latest promotion for this product line, and take action to open an account or apply for loan straight from the home page. If you’re looking for more information about what we offer, you can click the Learn More button to see more information about the product line.

Q. How do I find something I can’t navigate to?
A. We have several tools to help you with this. One is the blue “What are you looking for?” button at the top of every screen.This will include a list of our most popular products and services, and clicking on any of these will take you straight to the main page for that particular category.
If you’re looking for something more specific we encourage you to use the search field. The search feature works the same way as it did on the previous CUofAmerica.com based on key words. When using most search terms, the most relevant result is almost always returned in the first page of results.

Q. Who can I contact for help?
A. We’ve kept our Contact Page, which is conveniently located in the top right corner and bottom left corner of every page. From here you can find contact information for CUA branches and departments as well as how to securely send a message electronically within online banking. You’re also welcome to use the submit comment feature if you’re not sure who you need to reach out to and we’ll help get your question to the right person and get you a response. Or call us at 800.256.8049.

Q. Is the site compliant for visually impaired users?
A. Yes, CUofAmerica.com is designed to be ADA compliant, so visually impaired users should be able to navigate the site without missing any content or features. Please note that once you leave CUofAmerica.com, third party sites are responsible for ensuring that their content also meets ADA regulations.

Q. The text is too big, can I change it?
A. Absolutely! Right next to the search field in the top right hand corner of our page there’s an option for you to increase or decrease the size of the font to make it easier to read. Look for “Text Size” and the three different sized letter ‘a’ buttons. Clicking on the different buttons will adjust the font size up or down accordingly.

Q. Where do I go to pay my Credit Union of America loan?
A. Click on the blue “What are you looking for?” button in the top left hand corner of the site and select Loans. Once the Loans page loads look for the $ icon and text that says “Make a Payment”. Clicking on this will take you to the Payment banner, where you can click the green “Learn More” button to find full details about making a loan payment. Please note that Pay Now! thru SBC may have fees associated with it. You can pay for free within online banking or at one of our 13 locations, or a shared branching location.

Commonly visited web pages and their new locations:

  • ATMs---- “Locations and ATMs” in the top right hand corner
  • Balance transfers---- “Credit/Debit” page, green button “Request a Balance Transfer”
  • Business accounts----Information about business services can be found under the various product categories, including checking, loans and credit/debit. You can also go to our business resources page from these banners to find additional business tools.
  • Calculators----“Community/Tools & Resources”
  • Checking account information----“Checking” icon on the home page
  • Comment submission---- “Contact Us” page, green “Comment Submission” button
  • Credit cards---- “Credit/Debit” icon on the home page
  • Disclosures and agreements---- “Disclosures and Agreements” bottom left hand corner
  • Employment opportunities and application---- People can find open positions by clicking on the Employment link in the top right hand corner of any page of the site.
  • Locations----“Locations and ATMs” top right hand corner of the site
  • Mortgage loan information----“Loans”, “Home Loans”
  • Pay Now!---- “Loans” and then $ icon to make a payment
  • Phone numbers----“Contact Us”, top right hand corner of the site
  • Rates----“All rates” on home page,
  • Mortgage Rates----“Loans” “Home Loans” “Rates”
  • Repossessed cars for sale----“Loans”, “Auto Loans”, “CUA Cards for Sale” button
  • Savings information---- “Savings” icon
  • Scholarships----“Community/Resources”, “Grants and Scholarships”
  • TGIF---- “Community/Resources”, “Grants and Scholarships”


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