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Looking for Cash?

Looking for Cash?

Maybe you’re scrounging for pizza money, wanting a little petty cash to supplement your retirement activities, getting ready to pay income taxes, or tucking some cash away for a long-awaited vacation.  When looking for cash, keep your eyes open, it can come in a variety of means.  Cash might be disguised as a lower rate loan, low or no fees, more interest on your savings, or maybe just a pure reward from using your CUA Visa.  The new Cash Back VISA® credit card offers both merchandise rewards and cash back.  Points earned for purchases translate to 1.5% in cash back if you choose cash for your reward. The card also offers a bundle of elite travel benefits that help save money and make inconveniences like lost luggage and trip cancellations a little more palatable, or even planning your trip with airline points that sport no blackout dates!  CUA’s Cash Back card makes a great travel companion.

When choosing a credit card there are many features to consider. At CUA, we strive to make sure the features are straightforward and in the best interest of our members.  Like competitive interest rates, low cash advance fees, and no interest charged on purchases if you pay your entire statement balance by the due date each month. For details on the CUA Cash Back card, check out the details here and happy cash hunting! Oh, did we mention, the Cash Back card has a nice sophisticated look for your wallet too.


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