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VISA® - Your Holiday Gift that Keeps on Giving!

VISA® - Your Holiday Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Whether you're looking for a new Visa credit card, you want to use more of the benefits of your Credit Union of America credit card, or even upgrade your CUA card, here’s a quick review of two of the best cards around. Knowing how you use your card, make payments, etc. can make it easy when deciding which card to apply for. Both offer Visa rewards but look before deciding.

CUA’s Cash Back Signature Card

This card offers 1.5% cashback per dollar spent or 1.5 points per dollar spent on purchases. For every 2,500 points earned you can cash in with a $25 deposit to one of your CUA checking or savings accounts. You can also use your Visa Rewards points for merchandise and travel discounts offered through CURewards.

The Cash Back card waives foreign transaction fees, includes elite travel rewards, and Visa Signature Perks. Signature Perks include but are not limited to Auto Rental Collision insurance, Personal Identity Theft expense reimbursement, Purchase Security Insurance, and Travel & Emergency Assistance services. For details on all perks, please refer to the Signature Card Guide to Benefits found on the CUA's website.

New Cash Back cardholders receive 7,500 bonus points when you spend $3,000 in the first 90 days.

This is a great card to get right before you’re going to make large purchases or travel, making sure to receive those bonus points. The rate is competitive in the marketplace designed for cardholders that generally plan to pay their balance off each month. There is no annual fee.

The Signature card can easily be set-up with a mobile wallet in Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Alerts can also be authorized to inform you instantly of new charges to the card.

CUA’s Give Back Platinum Card

The Give Back card is known for giving back to the community. Each year CUA designates a portion of the credit union’s interest income to fund charitable endeavors. This has no effect on the cardholder’s amount of interest charged/paid, though it does lower the interest contribution to CUA’s financials. Each year CUA uses these funds to award college scholarships to student members, scholarships for member nurses that are continuing their medical schooling/certifications, and grants to teachers for classroom equipment, supplies, and projects.

This Platinum card earns 1 CUReward point for every dollar spent on purchases.

The Give Back card features a lower rate that is affordable if you need to pay a monthly minimum or roll over a large portion of your outstanding balance.

Additionally, the card offers personal identity theft coverage, travel accident insurance, and NO dormancy fees. But I bet you won’t let your card go dormant and unused with these great features!

Give Back cards are also mobile wallet-friendly and allow for purchase alerts to your mobile device or email.

When you are ready to get a CUA VISA credit card you can apply via CUA's website. Once approved, it will take around 7-10 business days to receive your card unless you request and pay to have expedited shipping. Oh, and free eStatements make account reconciliation timely and green! Be sure to plan to do your holiday shopping or traveling with a CUA VISA card!


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