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Protecting Yourself through the Equifax Settlement

Protecting Yourself through the Equifax Settlement

Recent headlines have announced that the infamous Equifax Data Breach has resulted in the credit bureau agreeing to a multi-million-dollar settlement. And then the bad news. The bad guys are at it again. A new phishing scam has emerged where the bad guys send emails to consumers pretending to be Equifax. They first ask you to click a link to verify if your information was compromised, that link takes you to a fake settlement claim website that asks for your personal information.Just don’t click it. But do review these tips to help you protect your finances and personal information:

  • Equifax is sending all legitimate communication regarding the settlements via standard U.S. mail. They are not using email.
  • Here is a legitimate link to see if your information was compromised in the breech and/or to start filing a claim:
  • Whether your information was compromised or not, be sure to keep a routine eye on your financial accounts and credit card transactions. Using the “alerts” on your accounts can help notify you before fraud runs rampant. Report anything odd or fraudulent to your financial provider immediately.
  • Monitor your credit report. You can receive a free report annually at www.AnnualCreditReport.com.
  • If you have other questions about money management and credit, Credit Union of America offers many Money Management tools at https://www.cuofamerica.com/Resources#money-management
  • In addition to CUA’s online Greenpath Financial Counseling tools, CUA members are entitled to a free credit report review by calling Greenpath at 800.550.1961. Experienced counselors will walk you through your report and answer any questions you have.


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