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June Update on Dustin' off Delano

June Update on Dustin' off Delano

Thank you to all of our members who have been patient as we work to update our Delano building! We continue to make good progress on the renovations and we can't wait for all of you to see the finished product - although we encourage you to continue to come by for services while our transformation is underway.

Phase one of the renovation project was completed at the end of April, and the south side of the building is now open to members. The biggest change you might notice is the brand new cash bar (teller line). Some of our new offices are also now open on the south side as well.

Work is currently underway on the north side of the building, where walls will be replaced with glass and Financial Service Representative cubicles will be added. The catwalk on the second floor is also being updated during this construction phase and will have glass walls as well.

Even if you haven't been in to the building, it would be hard to miss the transformation to the exterior of the building if you have visited the Delano district. The building is receiving a more modernized look, and we're excited about the positive feedback we've received from members and patrons to the Delano district.

On Monday, June 19th, our first signage went back up on the exterior building. You can once again see the familiar Credit Union of America name on the west side of the building, and signage will return to the east side soon as well.


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