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Online Bill Pay

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A couple of clicks and you’ve paid your monthly bills! Or, a one time bill to the plumber, a baby sitter, just about anyone. Most of these payments are sent electronically, such as your utility payments. Payees that are a bit more obscure, like your Aunt Sally, or the handyman, will actually be sent by a paper check. Nonetheless, you’re only making a few clicks and no longer buying/writing checks, running to the post office for stamps and envelopes, and you can conveniently pay bills anywhere and anytime you have internet access.

Bill Pay is free and unlimited on all CUA checking accounts

  • Payments can be made electronically to anyone except
    • Tax Payments/Agencies (IRS, State)
    • Collection Agencies
    • Court Ordered Payments (such as fines or child support)
    • Payments outside the United States
  • Payments should be scheduled online at least 5 business days prior to due date
  • Payments on any CUA loan should be made through the “schedule recurring payment” feature in our Online Banking program. These payments post immediately to your CUA loan, allowing you the luxury of last minute payments.

Bill Pay Enrollment

Enrollment in Online Bill Pay is done through the Online Banking system.

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Click on any tab under the Bill Pay option
  • Complete the required screens and read the Bill Pay Agreement
  • Your Enrollment Request will be forwarded to CUA and set up will be complete the next business day.