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Automated Phone Teller

Credit Union of America's Automated Phone Teller holds most every answer regarding your account and gives you secure, free, touch-tone, telephone access to your account information.


  • It's Secure – the Automated Phone Teller requires that you have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) set-up within the system to access your information.
  • Your initial Automated Phone Teller PIN will be set-up at account opening
  • Change your PIN within the Automated Phone Teller anytime after first access
  • Forgot your PIN?
    • Contact us via the secure email function in online banking
    • Stop by any CUA location for a new PIN

The Automated Phone Teller meets your needs

  • Balances & recent transactions
  • Verify “payment due” dates
  • Schedule transfers
  • Request withdrawal by check
  • Loan pay-off amounts and daily interest
  • Year-to-date and prior year-to-date interest paid
  • Make Visa payments
  • Check CUA branch/ ATM locations and hours
  • Calculate a loan payment

Cross Account Access

You can access all of your accounts (different member numbers) at CUA with one call. You must, however, set up the Cross Reference Function at our office first. This feature will allow you to move freely from one account to the other without calling back. You must be an owner on all accounts your request access to.

Automated Phone Teller Quick Tips

  • The Automated Phone Teller provides easy to follow instructions for using each menu option
  • Have your account number(s) and PIN handy
  • Use the * (star) key to repeat the list of options you just heard
  • Use the 0 (zero) key to speak with a live representative at any time during normal business hours.
  • When entering dollar amounts, use *(star) to represent the decimal point.
  • When using the Voice feature, you can say “HEY EINSTEIN” at any time and then ask your question. i.e. Where are your offices? The system will then take you to the proper menu.

Getting Started - Automated Phone Teller Menu Options

  • The Automated Phone Teller is Bi-lingual! English & Spanish …your choice!
  • The Automated Phone Teller understands touch-tone commands or verbal responses from you
  • Access your account
  • Savings or Loan Rates
  • Sample loan payment calculator
  • Request to speak with a representative during normal business hours

After entering your member number and PIN access:

  • Checking, Savings, IRAs, Loans, and Credit Card account information
  • Important tax information
  • Option to change your Automated Phone Teller PIN
  • Aggregate balance of all share accounts
  • Request to speak with a representative during normal business hours