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Verified by VISA

Verified by VISA offers another layer of security for your CUA debit/credit cards. Verified by VISA makes it more difficult for someone else to use one of your cards to shop online, in the event that your card number has been stolen. There is no special software to install on your PC or mobile device. Shop as you normally would online and feel comfort in knowing that your card number will be automatically protected by Verified by VISA at checkout.

Why should I sign up?

While CUA offers comprehensive fraud protection on your card, Verified by VISA goes a step further specifically for online purchases. This service works to prevent unauthorized purchases before it happens.

Isn't my card already protected?

VISA cards have multiple layers of protection. Verified by VISA is one of five layers on your card to prevent, detect and resolve security issues. Verified by VISA gives you more control over Internet purchases in particular.

Can I use Verified by VISA with any VISA card I have?

Yes, Verified by VISA is designed to protect any VISA card.

How do I shop with Verified by VISA?

Once you've registered your card for Verified by VISA, its number will automatically be recognized by participating online retailers. An authentication page will appear once you submit your online order. There's nothing further for you to do in order to shop on the Internet with your VISA credit or debit card.

How do I sign up for Verified by VISA?

There is a Verified by VISA logo/link at the bottom of each page of the CUA website, or you can click here to sign up.


If you have further questions, contact us via email at ElectronicServices@cuofamerica.com. Do not include your card number in your email. Most questions are answered within two business days.