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TGIF - Teacher Grants...Ideas Financed!

CUA is proud to offer the TGIF classroom grant program. We initially developed the program to help our member-teachers provide supplies for their classroom so they wouldn’t have to drain their own pockets to buy supplies. The program has grown over the years and grants anywhere from $25 up to $500 for basic classroom supplies, sophisticated equipment, and books, books, books! Apply 24/7/365!

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The program is funded by CUA’s Visa Platinum credit card program. The card features a unique TGIF logo design on the card that any educator or community member is proud to carry. CUA donates 4% of all interest paid on the TGIF cards to fund the grant program. The card does not cost the cardholder any additional money to use it. To start using the TGIF Visa credit card, apply here.

Be sure to check out these brief summaries of recent winning grant projects. There is a great deal of “good” going on in our community classrooms.

TGIF Means $$ for Education

  • Up to $500 grants for teachers that are CUA members
  • Up to $250 grants for non-member teachers, non-members must teach in Kansas
  • Must be a certified teacher at a private or public school
  • Grants are reviewed by a panel of CUA employees and volunteers
  • Grants are awarded based on educational benefit
  • See Grant Application for more details and deadlines

Not sure what we're looking for in winning grant applications? Click below for examples: