6 ConnectCheck A flexible, interest-bearing account with exclusive benefits. ■ One free overdraft per year ■ One free wire transfer per year ■ 2,500 bonus points with new VISA credit card ■ CD rate increase on new deposits To avoid a monthly fee with this account, you must meet ALL of the following criteria each month: Have at least one direct deposit or ACH transaction each month, enroll in eStatements and conduct at least 12 debit card transactions a month. See fee schedule for more information. VISA Debit Card Instantly access your funds with the CUA debit card.* Set up a personal identification number (PIN) and take out cash at the ATM or pay for everyday purchases with a simple swipe. *Daily limits may apply. EMV Chip Enabled Each CUA debit card comes with built-in chip technology for added security. The chip generates a one-time use code each time you use the EMV debit card. The code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps reduce fraud. Verified by VISA Use your CUA VISA debit card online to make purchases conveniently. Verified by VISA helps protect online shopping transactions. Sign up at CUofAmerica.com/VISA. C H E C K I N G