1 Share/Savings Account To start your membership at Credit Union of America (CUA) and gain access to all of the products and services offered, an initial share in the company is established by opening a savings account with a minimum $25.00 deposit. Dividends are paid monthly on balances of $100.00 or greater. Special-Purpose Savings Life events can be costly. Weddings, vacations, new babies…the list goes on. Think of the old adage “out of sight, out of mind.” When the funds are separated from your regular checking or savings account, you are less likely to dip into the account. Setting up automatic transfers within online or mobile banking or through payroll deductions makes saving money faster and easier than ever. Holiday Club Stash some cash from each paycheck in a Holiday Club account and you’ll be ready for whatever the busy holiday season may bring. Watch your account grow throughout the year and on October 1, everything you’ve saved will be automatically transferred to your primary savings account. Dividends are earned on balances over $25.00, and are paid monthly. S AV I N G S