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What is a Credit Union?

  • A credit union is a group of people (identified as members) formed around a common bond such as employment type/employer, geographic area or a specific interest.
  • Credit unions are “not-for-profit” and our net income after expenses is returned to our members in the form of dividends (interest) and/or new financial services, technology, branches, etc. At a for-profit bank the income is returned to a small group of stockholders.


Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, Credit Union of America was officially chartered on March 6, 1935 as the “Wichita City Teachers Credit Union.” In 1974 our name officially changed to Credit Union of America to reflect a membership that is now open to members across the country.

Volunteers/Board of Directors

CUA’s Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are comprised of members who volunteer to guide CUA’s staff. These volunteers are elected by the membership on a yearly basis with three-year terms. Their role is to set general direction and policy to ensure that the credit union is well managed, in compliance with regulatory requirements and financially secure.

Annual Report