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Perks & Rewards

Membership Perks

It pays to be a Credit Union of America (CUA) member. Check out all CUA’s perks and rewards.

Benefits of Credit Union of America Membership

Membership has its benefits. Joining our credit union family opens the door to an array of member perks you won't find at a traditional bank:

  • Competitive Rates - Take advantage of highly competitive loan and savings rates.
  • Personalized Service - Our 15 locations provide customized service and advice for your needs.
  • Community Focus - We invest in education, events, and causes that matter in our community.
  • Higher Returns - As a not-for-profit, we give earnings back to members through better rates and lower fees.
  • Convenience - We provide convenient banking through online and mobile services and thousands of free ATM access points.

Love My Credit Union Rewards

Qualify for exclusive discounts and unique benefits from our trusted partners simply by being a CUA member. You could save big with deals on phone plans, groceries, and travel expenses. Enjoy member benefits from TurboTax, H&R Block, Sam's Club, and Xfinity.

Available to all CUA members

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Credit Card Rewards

Reward yourself—you've earned it! Credit Card Rewards allows you to earn rewards points just by using your credit card. Choose from various options that fit your lifestyle—like merchandise, rental cars, hotels, flights, cash back, and more! 

Get the following rewards:

  • 1 reward point for every dollar spent with your Give Back Platinum Card
  • 2% cash back or 2 rewards points on all purchases with your Cash Back Signature Card

Available to all Credit Union of America Visa® credit card users

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Credit Union of America Perks

Credit Union of America Perks is a program that rewards you for using your debit card. Earn rewards points for every purchase made with the card. Redeem those points for exclusive merchandise and services. It's just a friendly gift from us to you for being a loyal member.

Available to anyone with a CUA checking account and Visa® debit card

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TruStage Insurance

You work hard to provide for your family. TruStage® understands that. They assist by helping protect the financial future of your loved ones with insurance policies designed to be affordable and friendly.

Available to CUA members

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Why Join Credit Union of America?

We focus on meeting the needs of our members—not maximizing profits. Becoming a member unlocks advantages like better rates, lower fees, and community giveback programs. Ready to start taking advantage of all our member benefits? Click below to contact us or find the nearest branch. We have several locations throughout Kansas to serve you.