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Member Fee Schedule

Fees Effective 02.01.23

Checking Services
Check Photocopies
Within Digital Banking No Charge
Within 90 days $1.00 per check
Greater than 90 days $2.00 per check
Insufficient Funds Paid or Returned
Including share drafts/pre-authorized withdrawals, POS (Debit Card merchant transactions), ATM withdrawals, and digital banking bill payments

*Multiple fees may be charged if an item is re-presented by the merchant.
$28.00 per item
(max. 5 items per day)
Overdraft Transfers
Share draft/debit card/billpay/pre-authorized withdrawal from membership shares $5.00 per transfer
Overdraft transfer from VISA® credit card $5.00 per transfer plus $5.00 cash advance fee
Inactive Checking Fee
No activity in 6 months, members ages 25 and up $5.00 per month
Core Account
Monthly Service Fee No Charge
Mailed Statement Fee
Fee is waived with enrollment in eStatements
$3.00 per statement
Stop Payment Fee $28.00 per check/ACH/Bill Pay
Savings Account Services
Holiday Club Account
No withdrawals prior to Oct. 1. Closing fee for early withdrawals
(Account not to be reopened until October 1)
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)
IRA accounts closed within 90 days of open $25.00
IRA withdrawals within first 90 days of open $10.00
Money Market Accounts
Performance Plus
Average daily balance below $25,000.00
$5.00 per month
Performance Plus
Month-end balance less than $1,000 and no activity in over 6 months
$5.00 per month
Balance Boost 
Month-end balance less than $100.00 and no activity in over 6 months
$5.00 per month
Electronic /Card Services
ATM Services for debit card (card access to both checking & savings)
All checking account transactions
No Charge
Fees may be charged by the ATM owner.
No Charge
Foreign Transaction Fee
2% of each transaction in U.S. Dollars
Miscellaneous Electronic/Card Services
Replacement Debit Card $5.00 each
Expedited Mail Fee Up to $30.00
eStatements No Charge
Electronic Bill Payment Service
All checking accounts
No Charge
Online/Mobile Banking No Charge
Account to Account Transfers No Charge
Person to Person Payments No Charge
Payments by Phone
ACH (direct debit from account) $4.99
Debit card $4.99
Visa credit card Up to $5.00
VISA® Credit Card Services
Cash Advance Fee (including overdraft transfer) $5.00 each item
Late Fee Up to $25.00
Return Check Fee Up to $26.00
Replacement Card $10.00 each
Foreign Transaction Fee
Platinum Give Back Card Only
3% of each transaction in U.S. Dollars
Balance Transfer Fee

1% of balance transfer amount or
$10.00 per transfer, whichever is higher

Statement or Sales Draft Copies $2.00 each
Safe Deposit Boxes
Charged annually in January, pro-rated by month if opened later, no refund on partial year use
D” x W” x L”
3 x 10 x 21 $35.00
5 x 10 x 21 $50.00
10 x 10 x 21 $75.00
Key replacement when closing box $10.00 per key
Drill lock & replace key $120.00
Miscellaneous Services
Account Balance & Research (1 hour minimum) $25.00 per hour
Certified Check $3.00 each
Inactive Membership Account (age <= 23 Youth accounts excluded)
No activity in 12 months, balance is less than $100.00,
and no other services on this membership (ages 25 and up)
$5.00 per quarter
Invalid Address $5.00 per quarter
Statement Copies $3.00 per stmt.
Notary Service (members only) No Charge
Temporary Check Fee $1.00 per request (up to 8 checks)
Returned Deposit Items Up to $28.00 per item
Returned Loan Payments $28.00 per item
Signature Guarantees (members only) No Charge
Check Cashing Fee
If share balance is below $100.00 & no other checking or loan account $5.00 each
With any CUA checking/loan in good standing No Charge
Close Account Within 90 days of opening $25.00
Foreign item collection $10.00 per item
Garnishments Up to $35.00 each
Collection Items $20.00 each
Corporate checks $3.00 each
Wire Transfers
Domestic Wire $20.00

All fees are subject to change with proper notification.