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Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS ID #s)

The Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) identification numbers for all Credit Union of America loan officers are listed below.  To verify NMLS ID numbers for individuals or mortgage companies, you can visit the NMLS Consumer Access Site.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact CUA's mortgage department at 316.265.3272,ext. 191  or 1.800.256.8049, ext. 191.

NMLS ID# (alpha by last name)
1485830 Heather Baker
476971 Phil Bogner
1429094 Casandra Bolander
934597 Sarai Burson
476972 Carol Clifford
476976 Robert (Rob) Detrick
1761422 David Dick
934592 Nakita Dobbs
476991 Roy Doonan
1438677 Timothy Dunham
1426808 Robert Edwards
1195794 Chad Fenn
839332 Jesse Foreman
225883 David Germann
1815541 Ashleigh Harris
1990143 Tara Haslouer
1718187 Morgan Hawkins
476970 Kelly Higgins
476981 Pamela (Pam) Hildebrand
934757 Katie Hoff
942395 Jeremy Holt
867287 Marc Howell
476987 Gary Hull
1485828 Madison Key
1237577 Angela Lickly
891281 Andrew Likes
476973 Tonya Loper
1926997 Christopher Lovely
597576 Roy Mansch
1684176 Jared Miranda
562294 Kelli Morris
1423618 Drew Morrow
934586  Melanie Nance-Bautista
637732 Kenneth Nowlin Jr.
476985 Eileen Phelps
476982 Austin Robinson
934601 Erica Scott
1464800 Carrie Sengvilay
1782216 Cindy Short
476989 Jeanne Sipult
1964654 Jared Somerville
1695648 Emily Trimpe
1695649 Jose Urbina Jr.
942385 Rhonda VonFeldt
476983 Eric Walsten
1777700 Brandy Warren
522135 Ernest Warren Jr.
447230 William (Brad) Wilson

Credit Union of America's Company NMLS ID# is 473922