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Nurse Scholarship Application

Applications are accepted until funds are depleted. Funds are added annually. Applicants must be CUA members in good standing working for a CUA Healthcare SEG (see full list below.) Scholarship will be awarded or denied within 14 days of application submission. Courses must be job related and funds cannot be backdated for courses previously taken. Check will be made out to course provider.

  • Ascension Via Christi (All Affiliates)
  • Catholic Care Center
  • Clara Barton Hosp
  • Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System
  • Kansas Medical Center
  • Larksfield Place
  • Pratt Regional Medical Center
  • Rock Regional Hospital
  • Salina Regional Health Center
Nurse Scholarship Application
Job Status
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By submitting this application, I authorize Credit Union of America to use my photograph, my name, and/or other information shared in an interview or on this application should I be awarded a grant. I also understand that if my combined award(s) is valued over $600 in one calendar year, I will receive a 1099 form from CUA for tax purposes, as my prize(s) will be reportable for IRS purposes. CUA does not publish or share publicly information such as account numbers, balances, phone numbers, addresses or other sensitive personal information.
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Click here for a list of current CUA Healthcare SEGs.