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TGIF Grant Application

Credit Union of America is pleased to offer Teach, Grow and Inspire the Future (TGIF) grants. Below you will find a grant application. Please review the rules and suggestions listed before completing the application.

A task force of Credit Union of America employees and volunteer members will be responsible for reviewing the applications. If your proposal is selected for funding, we ask that you let Credit Union of America know the outcome of your project. Credit Union of America hopes to enhance the educational process by offering financial aid to those who wish to supplement the regular curriculum with special activities. TGIF is funded by a portion of the interest paid on CUA’s Give Back credit card program.

Thank you for the many contributions you make to the young people of our community. We look forward to receiving your application and supporting your program.

Credit Union of America


  • Grants of up to $500 are available to CUA members who are certified teachers in the state of Kansas.
  • Your name will appear ONLY on the cover of the application.
  • Grant recipients are not eligible for grant funds in consecutive semesters.
  • Please feel free to duplicate this grant application.
  • There is no limit on the number of grant requests one teacher can submit, however only one is eligible to win per application period.

Grants deadlines are June 30 and October 31 of each year. Recipients will be notified by August 31 and December 31, respectively. 

Thank you for your interest in our grant program.

Not sure where to start? Click here to see what a winning grant application looks like!

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Grant Application Cover Sheet


Applications received between November 1 and June 30, midnight, will be considered for grants that are awarded in August/September. Grants received between July 1 and October 31, midnight, will be considered for grants awarded in November/December.

REMINDER: Please refrain from the use of your name, your school’s name, or any other identifying words/marks in the body of the application. Thank You.

Grant Application

(Members may request up to $500 in grant funds)
Type a brief description of your project and what you hope to accomplish with this project.(In your description do not include the name of your school or your name).
(Do not include the name of your school or your name)

By submitting this application, I authorize Credit Union of America to use my photograph, my name, and/or other information shared in an interview or on this application should I be awarded a grant. I also understand that if my combined award(s) is valued over $600 in one calendar year, I will receive a 1099 form from CUA for tax purposes, as my prize(s) will be reportable for IRS purposes. CUA does not publish or share publicly information such as account numbers, balances, phone numbers, addresses or other sensitive personal information.

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