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Offering Automated Support
Whenever You Need

Ellis makes information more accessible than ever. Call in anytime, 24/7, for immediate support without waiting on hold.

Talk to Ellis today! Our number is the same: 800.256.8049

What Ellis Can Help With

You can ask Ellis about:

  • Routing numbers
  • Branch hours and locations
  • Nearest ATM locations based on ZIP code
  • New accounts or loan applications

Handling Account-Specific Questions

If you have an account-specific question, Ellis will take you through a one- or two-step verification process over the phone. This keeps your account secure while still offering you convenient access. 

Once verified, you can ask about:

  • Transaction history
  • Transfers within CUA
  • Credit card and loan payments
  • Amounts due on loans
  • Updating your phone number and email

woman on phone

Offering Further Assistance

If you need additional help, Ellis will connect you to the Member Support Center or a relevant department. One of the best parts of Ellis lending a hand is that employees now have more time to chat through your more specialized needs. Ellis is also constantly improving and adapting to tackle additional tasks. Because Ellis is designed to learn from all interactions, every call improves Ellis’ ability to help you. 

Talk to Ellis today!

Our number is the same: 800.256.8049.