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It's a Money Thing

A quick introduction – she’s spunky, she’s fun, but most of all, she’s full of curiosity just like your students.  And, her curiosity is not limited to the latest snapchat from friends or Ariana Grande’s newest song.  She is also curious about life, the world, and yes, money! She goes by Jen, and we believe you and your students will love her!

In a series of short and fun videos, Jen learns about different money matters in an easy and relatable way. Included are video presentations with handouts to engage teenage students and ensure they have a good grasp on real-world financial concepts.

You can easily access 41 different financial topics below or request a speaker for a CUA representative to lead a classroom presentation. Teaching financial literacy has never been so easy, and it’s FREE!

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Lesson Plans

It's a Money Thing Junior

It’s a Money Thing Golden Years

About the Credit Union

Income and Taxes

Credit Scores


Borrowing Basics

Saving and Spending