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Back to School, already?

Summer just started, but it’s not too early to think about going back to school.  Most schools will be holding in-person classes, and we will not be able to run to the kitchen drawer for a new pencil, scissors, etc.  Starting your shopping list now can help you save money in the long run. 

Supplies – as soon as your school posts its supply list, add it to your shopping list.  It might be different this year as additional cleaning supplies, masks, etc., could be included.  Going to college? Take five minutes to write out your list, so you are not scrambling on the way to class or borrowing from your classmates.

Clothing – after a year of learning remotely and living in branded t-shirts, sweat/lounge pants, and pajamas, do you have the appropriate clothing?  Does it still fit?  Children can grow quite a bit in a year and a few adult students packed on the Covid-19 pounds. Checking on clothes sizes isn’t really a new idea, but you might not have as many current sizes to fall back on if you didn’t shop much during the pandemic.

Discounts – many retailers start back-to-school deals in July.  Watch for sales and check off purchases throughout the summer, letting you enjoy the savings while not hitting your monthly budget all at once. For example, Target® is already touting free shipping for online orders $35 or over. So be sure to check your favorite stores weekly for discounts.

Take Stock – while taking stock of your school supplies, check in on your student's mental resources.  With the isolation and remote learning of the past year, it's an excellent time to discuss going back to school with the students in your house (Or with a friend if you are an older student).  Talk about any fears or concerns and remind them to be patient and polite with others.  The past year of talking with siblings is not always acceptable speech with classmates. Be sure to ask about what they are looking forward to when they return to the classroom to help build positive anticipation.

Whether you are shopping or swimming, enjoy your summer!

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