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Save while you spend with Change Jar!

Change Jar allows you to choose to round up your debit card purchases into a savings or money market account. You can even pick a savings account you have cross-account access to. This is a quick and easy way to put a little something back for the kids. Sign up for Change Jar in digital banking today!

Authorized debit card transactions will be added up each day and post to your account:

Day 1 debit card purchases:
QuikTrip $40.01 ($.99 saved)
Target $100.89 ($.11 saved)
Dillon’s $27.35 ($.65 saved)
Day 1 total put into savings: $1.75

Who's eligible?: Anyone with a Core Account checking may opt-in to use Change Jar.  

How do I sign up?: You can sign up through the Change Jar widget in digital banking or with a Credit Union of America representative. 

Which accounts can I select?: You can choose a savings account, special purpose account, Balance Boost or Performance Plus account to have your funds deposited into each night. You can change which account you want funds deposited in the Change Jar widget. 

Will Change Jar overdraw my account?: Change Jar will not overdraw your Core Account checking. The funds will not be taken from your account or deposited into the savings unless there are funds in the Core Account available. 

Can I turn Change Jar off once I've already opted in?: Yes! In digital banking, you can easily switch Change Jar on and off. Please note that totals already authorized may still be deposited after time of opt-out. 

Learn more about CUA's Core Account and Visa® Debit Card!

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