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Best Credit Union for Healthcare Workers in Kansas

Service lies at the center of everything Credit Union of America does. It’s why we recognize the critical role that healthcare workers play in caring for the sick and vulnerable and improving the quality of life in our communities.

To make life a little easier for our hard-working nurses, therapists, physician assistants, home care technicians, and others, we offer a range of special benefits just for those who choose to spend their time and energy serving others.

If you’re a healthcare professional in central Kansas, read on to learn more about the special benefits you qualify for as a Credit Union of America member, as well as the many additional benefits you earn simply for being part of the communities we were created to serve.

Healthy Choices: CUA Rewards Community Carers

Credit Union of America was started to help public school teachers access better financial resources. In 1935, John Michener, a science teacher at Wichita East High School, convinced a group of his fellow educators to pool their resources to help a fellow teacher secure a loan.

This simple act of helping someone inspired Michener to start a credit union to help teachers achieve their financial goals.

In 1974, the credit cooperative that Michener founded became Credit Union of America (CUA) and opened its door to a wide range of other professionals. While much has changed, our commitment to serving those who serve our community remains the same.

That’s why today CUA offers both healthcare workers and educators special rewards and benefits for being part of our financial community. Because putting others first shouldn’t mean your financial future should take second place.

For qualifying healthcare workers, CUA offers:

$200 for Opening a Checking Account

As a local healthcare worker, you’ll receive a $200 bonus when you open your first CUA Core Checking Account. Look forward to your payment 30 days after your first direct deposit. It’s our way of saying thank you for joining our community of helpers.

Auto Loan Discounts

We want to help you get where you want to go in your career and your financial life. That’s why qualifying healthcare workers are eligible for up to a 0.50% annual percentage rate discount on a CUA auto loan. Talk to one of our loan officers for more details about how an auto loan might fit your financial profile and goals.

CUA Healthcare Loans

Access a funding boost to help cover a large purchase, pay down a credit card, or manage an unforeseen expense. CUA offers qualifying healthcare workers a personal loan at a reduced interest rate.

CUA healthcare loans let you borrow $2,000 over a 19-month term with a $120 repayment at a special, lower annual percentage rate (APR). A CUA loan officer will help you determine your eligibility for a reduced-rate loan.

Other Benefits of Joining CUA

Of course, as a healthcare worker, you are also in line for the generous perks and rewards we offer all our other joining members including educators, members of select employer groups, and qualifying residents of our home counties. These include:

Love My Credit Union Rewards

CUA members qualify for exclusive discounts from our trusted partners. You’ll save big on exclusive phone plans, grocery discounts, travel expenses, and other offers from businesses such as TurboTax, H&R Block, Sam's Club, and Xfinity.

Credit Card Rewards

Earn valuable rewards by using your CUA Visa® credit card for everyday purchases. Choose how you would like to receive your rewards including merchandise, rental cars, hotels, flights, or cash right back in your pocket. 

Rewards points are accessible to all CUA Visa® credit cards and include: 

  • One reward point for every dollar spent on your Visa® Give Back Platinum Card
  • 2% cash back or two reward points on purchases with your Cash Back Signature Card.

Credit Union of America Perks

You can even earn rewards just by using your CUA debit card. Credit Union of America Perks lets you earn points with every swipe that can then be redeemed for our exclusive merchandise and services. All you need is a CUA checking account and a Visa® debit card.

TruStage Insurance

Healthcare workers, teachers, and other hardworking folk need all the help they can get to protect what they have. CUA has you covered. We partner with TruStage® to provide cost-effective insurance that lets you build with confidence for tomorrow by securing today.

TruStage services are available to all CUA members.

CUA: Caring for Kansas, Caring for You

Credit Union of America exists to serve those who dedicate their talent and energy to improving the lives of others. For healthcare workers, educators, and other service professionals we offer selected benefits for qualifying select employer groups and a range of across-the-board perks just for being a member.

Most important of all, we back it up with a range of quality, affordable tools to help you turn day-to-day money management into long-term financial success including:

So come for the benefits and rewards, but stay for the member-focused service and low-cost, high-quality banking you’ll only find at our great local credit union. Contact us today to join our community or click below to learn more about how membership works.


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